New customers: Save $500 on your water purification system installation!


Your Maytag® Water Treatment System gets an extra boost of power with the addition of a prefilter, which provides an extra layer of filtration for your household water.

A carbon prefilter provides reduction of chlorine, taste and odor from the water, improving the quality of water throughout the whole house.


Your Maytag® drinking water treatment system uses the same cutting-edge reverse osmosis technology as the two largest bottled water manufacturers in the United States, just on a smaller scale.
And you can be proud that you're doing your part to cut down on plastic pollution from bottled water.

Maytag likes your style.

So fill up a tall glass of the freshest water, make yourself a great cup of coffee, and cook the best-tasting meals in the neighborhood with confidence, because you have the Maytag® drinking water system, operating quietly and automatically - 24/7.


When you bring a Maytag® water treatment system home, you best settle in for the most dependable relationship of your life.

So bring on your dishes and glassware, your clothes and linens.

You can trust the system to help your water-using appliances get the job done right too- machine washables that retain color longer, fluffy towels, gleaming faucets and tiles, great-tasting water, and sparkling glassware. Soaps and shampoos rinse completely clean, leaving nothing behind except what matters-you. Feel good knowing that your environmentally friendly Maytag® water treatment system will be there for you, year after fresh and purified year.

So save your hard-earned money and your precious time for things you enjoy. Because when it comes to making your life easier, Maytag has you covered.